WordPress has evolved itself from a basic blogging platform to very advanced content management system. Over these years, its plugin architecture and plugin repository have progressed significantly.

One of such plugin is WooCommerce which enables users (store owners) to set up the online store in WordPress within minutes. Today there are millions of sites running stores on WooCommerce. WooCommerce provides very clean and descriptive interface for individual product pages. One of the feature of these individual pages is Product Tabs.

These Product tabs provides classified information about the specific individual product. By default there are three tabs in WooCommerce product page namely:

  1. Description

    It provides information related to products.  This include content from “product description” metabox.
  2. Additional InformationThis tab is visible only if product has any attributes available like weight, size etc. and dimension display is enabled for the store.
  3. Reviews

    These are nothing but the comments on product. If comments are enabled for the product post type, then this tab will show up.

These tabs are quite informative in nature, but what if one needs to add tabs to woocommerce product pages!

There is an simple answer to this question viz WooCommerce Custom Tabs Advanced plugin.



This plugin allows you to add custom tabs to woocommerce product page. There are certain scenarios where you may want to add custom tabs to product pages.

  • Adding extra tabs for extra information.
  • Adding some shortcode related content in product tab.
  • Adding extra images/gallery related to product inside tab.
  • Any other scenario which you may think of… 😉

Features in WooCommerce Custom Tabs Advanced plugin.

  1. Creation of saved tabs for multiple products at once.

    You can go to Custom Tabs > Add New, and add the new tab from there. This new tab can be assigned to all of the products by selecting “Global tab” checkbox or it can be assigned to specific products by selecting particular product categories or product tags.

  2. Creation of tabs for individual product.

    You can create the tabs for individual products which will be assigned to that product only. In Product data metabox > Custom Tabs, you may add as many tabs you want. You can also re-order these tabs by moving them up and down.

  3. Provides WYSIWYG editors for flawless and effortless editing.

Default order of tabs.

Default order of tabs is as follows.

  1. WooCommerce default tabs like Description, Addition Information and Reviews.
  2. Custom Tabs that are created for product.
  3. Global tabs and Product category/tag specific tabs.


This order can be overridden by the add-on plugin which is going to be released shortly.


Features in add-on plugin.

  1. Re-order the tabs.
  2. Rename default woocommerce tabs.
  3. Include the tab content in search result so that corresponding product will be listed.


Please give this plugin a try and if you like it do not forget to rate this plugin at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-custom-product-tab-advanced/



Add tabs to WooCommerce product pages
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