.crx file is chrome extension. It may happen sometimes that you need to install a chrome extension and you downloaded the .crx file and wondered what to do with that file. :p

Since .crx file cannot be read by any other program on your system. Some extensions can be installed automatically to Google Chrome browsers, but some of them may not. For example, Windows media player extension for chrome do not install directly to your system. Lets see how we can install .crx to chrome to install windows media player extension.

Step 1:

Go to http://www.interoperabilitybridges.com/wmp-extension-for-chrome and download the extension file. A file named wmpChrome.crx will get downloaded to your system.

Step 2:

Open chrome and go to menu/tools/extensions.

Step 3:

Select the .crx file you just downloaded and drag it to chrome’s extension page.

Yippeee…you just installed one more extension to your Google chrome browser 😀

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Install crx file in chrome

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