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    Just got the plugin and addons. Love it so far. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to re-order the fields. I open advanced options, and see the “Buttons” representing each field. But when I click and drag, all that happens is the text highlights (is selected.) Nothing seems to move the buttons. I have held down modifier keys; used the arrow keys. Nothing works.

    I tried to find the documentation on the plugins, but could not find that either… so I’m asking here.

    Once I see the field buttons, what do I do to re-order them?


    I found the documentation, and it shows that I should be able to drag and drop. I cannot. The buttons do not move, and only the text highlights.


    OK… I never got the buttons to work, but by adding one field at a time, and doing a save after each individual additional field, I got them in the order I wanted.

    Now, however, the Billing Address is showing not the address, but the entire mailing address, with name, street, city, state zip and country. It should just show the street address, should it not?

    See screenshot.



    1. Could you please go to WooCommerce > Settings > Order Export > Advanced Options > Custom Fields and add fields like as shown in screenshot attached?

    2. Save Settings.

    3. Check the checboxes for these new fields (This should be visible in list now) and Save Settings again.

    4. You can reorder fields (optional)

    5. Now, billing street address should be present in export.

    Hope this helps.


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    Well, I found a work-around. I exported the settings, edited them manually, and reimported them. Finally got the layout I needed.

    You still, however, might want to look at why your buttons are not responsive to clicks, FWIW.


    From your message it seems that problem is happening because of some javascript error.

    I would request you consider providing me with temporary access (wp-admin and FTP) to your site in order to be of better help.

    You can mark the message as “Private” while posting the credentials.


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