You have made a wonderful plugin for WordPress, now a huge question is in front of you: How to submit plugin to WordPress plugin repository ?

Don’t worry, in this article we will explain you step by step procedure for submitting your plugin to WordPress plugin repository.

First of all, following are the prerequisites for submitting plugin to WordPress.

Prerequisites for submitting plugin to WordPress

  1. user account.
  2. Plugin zip file containing valid readme. ( If you don’t know how to make readme file for plugin, then study it here )
  3. A raw format of readme is also present at, you can also edit this file yourself. It is pretty much self explanatory.
  4. Plugin should be well tested before submission so that there should not be any error present in plugin, otherwise it will not get approved by WordPress plugin moderation team.

Steps for submitting plugin to WordPress plugin repository

Step 1: Login to your account and go to

Step 2: Add plugin name, description and URL for the zip file of plugin. You must upload zip file somewhere like dropbox etc.


Step 3: You will receive an email from, confirm the email by visiting the link. Email will also contain URL for your plugin. When you will visit URL you will see an page like one below.


Image courtsey:

Step 4: Plugin approval generally takes 24-48 hours, once plugin is approved you have to add all the files of the plugin to svn repository provided by wordpress. SVN repository URL will be present in email which we mentioned earlier.

Our next section covers adding files to wordpress svn repository using svn for linux and windows user.

How to add files using SVN

Assume “” this is SVN url for your plugin you received in email.

a) Install subversion, run sudo apt-get install subversion command in terminal.

b) Run svn co, in your current working directory myplugin folder will get created.

c) Go to myplugin folder manually and then open trunk folder.

d) Paste all plugin files inside Trunk folder. Remember, paste only plugin files including readme file for plugin, do not copy whole folder of your plugin into Trunk folder.

e) Go to myplugin directory using cd path/to/myplugin-directory

f) Run svn add * in terminal

g) Run svn ci -m “First commit”, this will add your local changes to your svn repository.

Here you go, you have successfully added your plugin to WordPress repository. Few steps I have skipped in this tutorial which are:

  1. Adding screenshot to plugin.
  2. Version updates for plugin.
  3. Adding compatibility with WordPress.

But, all these points are somewhat non-related to current topic of the article and you can easily find numbers of tutorials over these topics.

Note: For windows and OS-X users, Tortoise SVN is good program for adding files to wordpress svn repository using SVN.

If you have any queries or suggestion, feel free to comment.

How to submit plugin to WordPress plugin repository
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